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Burstner Motorhomes UK features one thing and one thing only – Burstner Motorhomes. Why? Because we believe Burstner motorhomes to be the pinnacle of motorhoming perfection: a skilful blend and balance of key components such as function, design and economy that as a composite create an unrivalled motorhome. We present an overview of buying new and used Burstner motorhomes in the UK, as we aim for this site to become over time an essential resource for anyone looking to buy a Burstner or who has an interest Burstner motorhomes.


Burstner are a German company who have been making motorhomes and caravans for over fifty years. The secret of their longevity is evolution and innovation: continually capturing the latest and greatest trends in motorhome design, motorhome users’ needs and ecological changes.

Burstner motorhome t615
CLASSIC DESIGN: Burstner motorhome t615

And it is design in particular the company has been lauded, winning numerous design award over the years. In 1998, Burstner became part of the Hymer Group which helped amplify production and distribution of their motorhomes and caravans.

Like one of the most successful company in recent years, Apple, there is a shared commitment to embodying function into an unsurpassed design, so you know when you drive away in a Burstner motorhome, you will be hard pressed to see another as well designed motorhome on the road; unless, it’s another Burstner of course.

As Manfred Lang, industrial designer at Pro Industria who inform Burstner designs puts it:

” We try to produce joy for the end user. Joy in travelling and joy in living. “

And it is exactly this ethos, this commitment to well-being for people as part of their brand which cements Burstner’s position as producers of exceptionally attractive and functional motorhomes. It is not simply about selling motorhomes, but making motorhomes to be enjoyed that contribute to the pleasure enjoyed by motorhome drivers everywhere.

The Burstner Motorhome Range

Burstner, usefully, have a wide range of new motorhomes. This means they cater for single people to large extended family, and also depending on how heavily you intend to use your motorhome. At entry level are their compact vans, which can almost pass for an everyday vehicle. Following the compacts are their semi integrated motorhomes.

These have the lower costs of the compact but take on more of the features of the fully integrated motorhome. Then there’s their IXEO class of motorhome, which is also semi integrated but features fold down beds. The next level is decried by Burstner themselves with some justification as the elite class of motorhomes: the fully integrated motorhome.

These are characterised by exceptional styling alongside ample living room. Finally, there is the alcove model of motorhome, with sleeping space above the cab, which is in effect a jumbo sized motorhome for people who really don’t want to leave anyone, or anything, behind.

Which Burstner?

When choosing your Burstner motorhome, there are many considerations. The most obvious being budget. How much can you afford to spend, or who much are you willing to spend? While there’s not a lot you can do about he former, the latter should be influenced by your intended usage. If it’s only for occasional use, then it makes no sense to spend more than you need to. However, if you planning a semi-permanent life on the road then you really need to consider what creature comforts and space are vital for your enjoyment of life on the road.

And, speaking of space, that is also a key consideration. How many people or pets will regularly be using the motorhome. Motorhome holidays are one of the greatest pleasures anyone can enjoy for a holiday or trip but this can be reduced quite rapidly when there’s far too many people occupying a confined space.

Your Burstner Trips

open road motorhomes
WHAT BETTER: A Burstner and an open road ahead of you

We don’t want this Burstner UK resource site to be wholly us telling you about Burstner’s. We want you to share your feelings about his motorhome, and may be some of your trip pictures and stories too.

That’s why we’ll soon be posting links to social network sites, allowing you to contribute also on all things Burstner. Until then, we wish you safe and happy travels on the road in your Burstner motorhome.

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