Burstner Celebrates Exceptional Growth


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It’s been two years since Burstner last released a new statement in the media section of their English language website.

Unsurprisingly, then, the statement Burstner released in July 2016 really was something to shout about.

It detailed the general growth in caravan and motorhome sales across parts of Europe then announced that Burstner themselves had completely surpassed their own production and sales forecasts for the last season.

This is heartening news for all us Burstner fans, as growth not only means continued production of the Burstner brand, but more cash to continue to innovate.

Burstner Surpass Forecasts

Burstner had forecasted to shift 7500 units of motorhomes and caravans, but the actual figure was 8600; 70 % of this total coming from the Burstner motorhome range.

Annual sales have consequently surpassed predictions and will hit 300 million euros by August 2016.

The future certainly looks even brighter for Bürstner

They are predicting continued growth for 2017, aiming to move 9400 units from their caravan and fantastic Burstner motorhome range.

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