New Burstner

When considering buying a new Burstner, you are spoilt for choice.

This is because Burstner have five different classes of motorhome, organised primarily by size. The five new Burstner categories are as follows: –

1. New Compact Motorhomes

SPACE: Even compacts like the Brevio have good space

Compact motorhomes are Burstner’s entry level class for new motorhomes. The Burstner Brevio is the main standard bearer of the compact class and aims to collapse the boundary between everyday vehicles and a motorhome. It boasts the benefits of being easy to handle like a standard panel van but also is semi integrated to be a motorhome. As is standard with Burstners, the design of this compact is really outstanding, meaning it looks good and has a number of different interiors to choose from, so it’s a functionally, flexible as well as attractive design

Key Features:-

Sleeps: 5

Vehicle width: 2.10m

Storage Space and Wardrobe

Fitted Kitchen

Seating area

Large rear hatch

Approx. Starting Prices -39k

2. Semi Integrated Motorhomes

burstner nexxo time

The second class of new Burstner motorhomes goes by the catchy name of semi integrated motorhomes. As it says on the tin, this motorhome carries some features of a fully integrated motorhome but doesn’t carry the heftier price tag. Size-wise it remains a sportier, more compact variant of a full integrated motorhome and is represented by Burstner Travel Vans and Nexxo’s – the Nexxo and Nexxo Time. The Burstner Travel Van comes with a curved roof and extremely compact dimensions which belie the space to be find inside the motorhome.

Sleeps: 3

Vehicle width: 2.20m

Closed Wardrobe

Flexo Bathroom

Fitted Kitchen

Seating area

Approx. Starting Prices -44k

The two Burstner Nexxo’s are different despite the similar names, with the Nexxo Time being comfort class and the Nexxo being premium class. This is reflected in the price tags with the Time starting from about 41k and the Nexxo from 49k. The latter is a best seller among Burstner’s due to its stunning looks and functionality.

3. Ixeo Class

IN CONTROL: Cab of the Ixeo Time

The Ixeo class of new Burstners are also semi integrated motorhomes but with electronically controlled fold down beds. Invented by Burstner, semi integrated motorhomes with fold downs are the most popular motorhomes on the road. This is due to their ability to house up to 6 people in what remains still a remarkably compact looking motorhome. There are two models, the Ixeo Time and the Ixeo, with the former starting from about 47k and the latter from about 51k.

4. Integrated Motorhomes

burstner viseo
LUXURY: The new Burstner Viseo

Integrated motorhomes are the elite class of new Burstner’s, offering exceptional space, motorhome luxury and impeccable design. There are 3 models in Burstners integrated range: the Burstner Viseo starting at about 55k; the Burstner Aviano from 56kk, and the top of the range, Burstner Elegance from 68k. All three models are characterized by a high seated view when driving, a panoramic view when driving, and a seamless shift from cab to living space.

5. Alcove Motorhomes

ON THE ROAD: An Argos parked up

The final class in Burstner’s new motorhome range is the Alcove motorhome. Descriptively named, the Alcove features a fixed bed above the driving cabin. The Burstner Argos is the sole model in the Alcove class and is an ideal motorhome for anyone with huge amounts of luggage n long stays and its size is reflected in it being Burstner’s most expensive model, weighing in at a start price of roughly 76k.

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